White City Hotels understandig on the dynamic management is based continue to grow with proactive strategies. the founder of the corporations White City - White City Beach - Resort is Mr. Hakkı Kantarcı in the field of professional hospitality brand promises expert warranty The systems work with Major amount in the overseas market.

White City Hotel is within province town Konaklı and 7 km removed from Alanya. We offer quality service with experienced and qualified staff. Alanya is 20 km from the Türkler province town. The White City Resort Hotel opens its door in 2013 with 205 rooms.

White City Hotels with awareness of the important role in the tourism industry environmentally conscious, guest - oriented in social responsibility projects work, health and safety legislation active is one of the most important players on both implementation of the sector without compromising beyond production is in accordance with the hygiene conditions in our kitchen were taught Turkish Food Codex is made to the conditions to be kept.a..



- Hosting our guests in best way under ‘ every customer is our guest’ slogan while uncompromising from service Quality and food safety in accordance with guest’s expectations and requirements.

- While having the Quality measurable to determine targets, ensuring the unity of our personnel with management.


- We exist with our guests.

- We are aware of our responsibilities

- We trust to importance of smiling, sincerity and kindness.

- Quality is dispensable.

- We believe in respect-love and open communication.


- Sustaining the Quality with the aware of importance responsibilities of Tourism Industry.

- As an environmentally friendly institution making improvements while tracing technological developments about service quality and hygiene.

- Supporting social responsibility projects.


- Reaching %100 guest satisfaction whit quick responses of guest requests and expectation.

- Increasing brand awareness of White City Hotels while improving service quality.

- Sustaining ISO standards while being in communication with our personnel.


White City Resort Hotel is integrated with ISO 9001 Quality Management System and ISO 10002 Guest Satisfaction Management Sytem which were certificated by the internatiolly expert control & crtificate company Bureau Veritas.


White City Hotel, which is its responsibility towards the environment and society in activities, the continuous improvement and implementation of the view.

- Current national and international legislation and with the ISO 14001 standard requirements to meet style and attitude under any control of the factors that can cause, resulting pollution minimizing environmental pollution, our business to download and keep are you at this level, the proper use of natural resources, to technological developments and applications follow ensure guests.

- As long as the focus, so she examined holidays in a healthy environment, demand, expectations and needs, to ensure that the planning of services and guarantee our work, the environment, our employees, our guests, to protect.

- Together with our suppliers and the company environment...


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